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Inspiring Individuals, Transforming Communities.

Alpha Omega Charity Foundation has been working for over 14 years all over the world building better lives. We believe in social justice, fairness and the right to belong. We aim at being responsive to where need is greatest. We therefore support a wide range of charitable activity rather than having specific priorities for funding or regional bias. Our Trustees support excellence and, rather than predetermining where funds should be given, prefer to respond on a flexible basis to organisations that can show that they are addressing a need and that their work is high quality. Our mission is working with vulnerable and socially excluded people, based on the 3 core values that underpin our mission.

  • Empowerment - self-worth, respect and control.
  • Inclusion - the right to belong and be heard.
  • Innovation - bold, creative solutions.

Our Approach

We build rewarding futures through recognising people's strengths, championing their voices and working in partnership to deliver excellent services. We build on the strengths of individuals, families and communities to make a lasting difference. Alpha Omega Foundation works to tackle the social, environmental and market barriers that stop nearly three billion people around the world (who survive on less than $2.50 a day) from accessing opportunities to earn income, improve their quality of life and escape the poverty trap. Our aim is to apply entrepreneurial thinking to catalyse new ways to deliver lasting public benefit and to spur inclusive economic growth in the communities we serve. We view the poor not as victims but as consumers facing hard choices. This means working to create social enterprises with ground-breaking technologies and services that deliver social, environmental and economic value to low-income consumers at a price they can afford. These new enterprises have the potential to earn their own income, achieve financial independence and go to scale by accessing private capital. With the right team, model and support, they can deliver large-scale impact without a long-term reliance on charitable support or subsidy.

Current Projects

Alpha Omega Foundation's Rural Support Programmes are founded on the principle that communities can take ownership of their own development through the establishment and good functioning of representative village organisations.
Challenge: limited economic opportunity resulting in widespread poverty.
Response: A focus on inputs, techniques, storage, links to markets and access to finance. focuses on improving the market systems in which the poor engage to create more benefits for them. And, also to improve specific agricultural value chains across the system; from the farm to the market.

In an effort to promote inclusive, market-oriented growth in AOCF's programme areas, the focus on farming is complemented by activities aimed at increasing incomes from non-farm activities. Initially, this meant providing business support services directly to local micro, small and medium enterprises. Over time, AOCF has focused more on increasing capacities and facilitating relationships between actors in specific value chains. AOCF's non-farm enterprise and employment work is increasingly focused on a small number of high potential sectors - such as tourism, construction, handicrafts or gems cutting and polishing - where there is real market demand and a comparative advantage for local production.

A major goal of the Foundation is to improve the quality of basic education. Four objectives set the wider agenda: ensuring better early caring and learning environments for young children; increasing access to education; keeping children in school longer; and raising levels of academic achievement. The Foundation intends that girls, the very poor, and geographically remote populations should receive special attention. With focus on improving access and quality the project is delivering a comprehensive package of interventions to ensure a sustainable ladder of learning opportunities for girls from pre-primary, primary and secondary levels, through to teacher training and adult literacy access.

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